In Celebration

A Rip-Roaring Good Time

Daydreaming in McCassa Bay

Interracial, biological, practically inseparable and happy sisters Olivia (left) and Ashley, spontaneously amuse themselves by making rising sounds with their voices in unison.
Many children and adults have expressed a curiosity; sometimes bigotry, as to how one sister can be Afro-Canadian while the other is Caucasian. Quite simply, they both were conceived from the same biological mother but have different biological fathers. They were both adopted by a truly loving couple of Hamilton's Strathcona area who have no problem seeing far more in these children than their minor differences in melanin quantity.

A Rip-Roaring Good Time

This is an urban portrait that I had planned to include in the Steeltown Neighbourhoods street photography project. Clearly, I had to submit this image to the "Special Bonds" category.

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