ABOVE: A Good Samaritan braves oncoming rush hour traffic and goes to the aid of a physically challenged citizen trying to cross the street.

What a year! The Hamilton Mundialization Committee held another Internet photography contest to commemorate the city's 20th Anniversary of its twinning with Sarasota, Florida and 35th Anniversary of pairing with Fukuyama, Japan.

In Celebration

As by tradition, the competition categories were "Images of Peace", "Hands Across the Border (Places and Spaces)" and "Special Bonds (People)".
I am again, so grateful to the judges for selecting me as the grand prize winner in the "Hands Across the Border" theme. I am so proud to be a Hamiltonian, and honoured that the Hamilton Mundialization Committee has again recognized my work in the artistic promotion of this fantastic world city.

Daydreaming in McCassa Bay

With consideration that judging for this competition was carried out during a challenging municipal election; full of mayoral and councilor candidates who seemed more determined than ever to be driving forces for a revitalized city, I hope these images will help signify the emergence of a new, strong, unified and respected Hamilton.
Congratulations to my fellow world citizens who won the other categories!

A Rip-Roaring Good Time

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