TITLE: Lost Medicine

MEDIUM: Photograph

I never checked to see if it was real or fake but it's obviously supposed to be a self-rolled marijuana doobie deliberately placed in the elevator of an Ainslie Wood East apartment building for all to see. After all, if someone is suffering so badly from an ailment that they need medical pot, I'd hate to think that they'd carelessly leave their required medicine around like this, especially where people's children can easily reach it.

I think this bud's placement was a scoff at police who had been at the building hours earlier investigating a suicide--a man in his seventies jumped to his death from a third floor balcony. I suspect that whoever strategically put that dope cigarette there wanted to flaunt a notion that the police are powerless to detect and stop illegal drug proliferation in their midst.

It's true that we live in times when all sorts of people in all sorts of Canadian neighbourhoods are habitual narcotics users. It's also true that a wide range of people from juvenile highschool dropouts to popular elected officials are advocating the legalization of, at least, recreational marijuana, not just cannabis for "medicinal purposes". As usual, they still point to Amsterdam after all these years as the get high utopian model for Canada even though, in reality, the Dutch still have a serious problem with illegal "hard drugs" and the organized crime activities associated with them.

While, statistically, the majority of Canadians are in favour of seeing recreational marijuana legalized, the minority who don't have remained quite effective for decades in keeping the decriminalization of cannabis from seeing the light of day.

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