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An Introduction to Rädën: Born from my imagination and refined through scientific hypotheses, theories and facts. The moon Rädën is my fictional world in perpetual development. It is the source of most of my sci-fi and fantasy art and stories. It's where I've gone to visit often since my childhood. It's also my part; in the grand effort of many artists and writers, to establish serious legitimacy to the genres of sci-fi and fantasy that, still, many observers are reluctant to give. Romance, eroticism, action, suspense, crime and punishment, tragedy, comedy, it really doesn't matter. There isn't a story told, written or dramatized that--if done right, can't be told through science fiction. This brief introduction will give you a sense of the platform from which many of my stories are launched. Stories that are told through my paintings, drawings, 3D digital images, and sometimes through the written word.

Rädën Science Fiction Art Gallery: There are three types of sci-fi stories that I tell of Rädën. One is that of a research journal. A treatise on how the moon formed, how life evolved on it, what types of wildlife and intelligent life forms exist, and what languages societies, cultures, religions, media, entertainment and technologies have developed. Another story tells of the specific histories of various cultures as they move into the future. The third type of story deals with, of course, mankind's interaction with the indigenous species of the moon.

Rädën Fantasy Art Gallery: The stories of Rädën which inspires much of my fantasy art are of alien religions, sacred tongues and ancient conflicts. Conflicts that are, to the natives, historical, imaginary or a mixture of both. I come from a religious background and although I live a very secular life, my spirituality and faith in God remains strong. That spirituality is most evident in some of my fantasy art.

Wildlife Art Gallery: I love animals. Domesticated and wildlife but especially wildlife. I wouldn't call myself a naturalist but I've always been fascinated by the evolution and behaviour of the wild animals of the world. I love big cities but I also love the high country too. I didn't always live in a big southern Ontario city. Part of my growing up was in a small town in the province of British Columbia. There, I did the best hiking of my life and saw wild animals that I never would have otherwise. I know for a fact that there are people who are born and raised in big cities, and have never seen a live domesticated farm animal on the outskirts of their towns. Not even in a shopping mall petting zoo. I think that's too bad. I think it's even worse when there are city people, and country people, who have seen a wide range of animals from a common house cat to a zebra in Africa, and simply don't appreciate the diversity of animal life on this little planet. All of my wildlife art is a tribute to those beasts out there in some wilderness, doing whatever it is they have to do to survive.

Aviation Art Gallery: My fascination with aircraft probably goes back to the earliest stages of my childhood. Aviation and aeronautics are technological fields that have a tremendous amount of potential for benefitting the human species. I wish I had a head for them. Some aviation lovers are fixated on fixed-wing aircraft. Others on rotary-wing systems. There are those who are only interested in military aircraft, and those who are hung up only for the aviation-related nostalgia or sentiments of bygone eras. I'm interested in it all but admittedly, I'm mostly thrilled by modern and future military aviation. I'm not at all attracted to the death and destruction that is inevitably associated with these combat systems but definitely to the power, performance and robustness of the vehicles, their pilots and developers. It really is unfortunate that nearly every new technology that shows great potential for peaceful purposes becomes the subject of nearly instant funding for potential warfare. So a psychological detachment is clearly at play. Somehow, I'm able to take those truly impressive combat systems and, to some degree, dissociate them from their true purpose.

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