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Main Index: Welcome to the main index. Your gateway to navigating the Modes of Flight website. Enter by clicking a link, or go wherever you wish by selecting an item from the menu above.

About MOF Index: From this index you'll link to pages containing my bio, statement, vitae, policy, services and a price list. Find out why this visial arts operation has its unconventional name. To e-mail me, click the "CONTACT" link at the bottom of this or other pages.

Illustration Index: This is where our adventures begin. I like to allow people to give their own interpretation of what they see happening in one of my drawings and paintings. Still, all of my fine art images are meant to tell a specific story--for those so interested, and for my own amusement. Sometimes those stories are even part of much larger stories. Illustration is my forté. In the galleries that you'll link to, each artwork has a limited amount of illustration criteria. I'won't give away the story for each piece that is shown. I save the stories for the Certificates of Authenticity, so your personal interpretations will remain intact. I do, however, give a narrative of the inspiration behind each work of art. I handle a wide variety of art subjects and genres but on exhibit here are my personal favourites of sci-fi, fantasy and wildlife. The science fiction and fantasy art showcased are based on my fictional world Rädën. A moon located in a genuine solar system that was discovered in the late 1990's, and theorized to have some potential for developing life as we know it. For all those yearning to get off this planet for a while to discover what other worlds and civilizations are out there in the vast universe, Rädën is a must see.

Photography Index: For those who prefer some or all of their adventures down here on the good earth, this also growing index will take you to galleries of MOF stock photography and fine art photography projects.

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Online Store: Dedicated to the proliferation of artists and their arts, RedBubble is one of the world's safest, secure, most reliable and easy to use sources for acquiring art and contacting artists; whether you're an artist yourself or not. From prints to T-shirts, you'll find much MOF merchandise there.

What's New: This website was first launched on 03/07/2010.

  • The Corktown photo essay has been initiated with 7 street photos. A link to a supplement on Corktowns past, present and future was also added on 09/21/2011. See the Steeltown Neighbourhoods Gallery HERE.

  • MOF became a RedBubble member on 05/08/2011. Go to the MOF online store at RedBubble through the link above or via the LINKS PAGE.

  • 13 street photographs of the Central Hamilton photo essay, an associated supplement and one image for Beasley was added on 04/24/2011. See the Steeltown Neighbourhoods Gallery HERE.

  • MOF joined StumbleUpon on 04/11/2011. Go to their home page from HERE. Look for TheMOFMan.

  • 16 street photographs of Hamilton's Beasley neighbourhood, and an associated supplement was added on 04/02/2011. See the Steeltown Neighbourhoods Gallery HERE.

  • More street photography and the Bartonville Photo Essay was added on 02/21/2011. See the Steeltown Neighbourhoods Gallery HERE.

  • The Modes of Flight Blog was launched on 04/18/2010. Get there through the links page, site map, the homepage or HERE.

  • 12/24/2010 - MOF has established a photostream on Flickr; the world's most popular image hosting website. You can find a quick link from HERE.

  • 11/18/2010 - I WON AGAIN! Thank you to the Hamilton Mundialization Committee for selecting me as the Grand Prize Winner of its 2010 Photography Competition. My entries are on display HERE.

  • Finally! The Aviation Art Gallery has been started as of 11/07/2010. How can MOF possibly exist without it? You can see the work of this perpetually growing portfolio HERE.

  • As of 06/06/2010 the MOF site and TheMOFMan weblog share a Facebook connection HERE.

  • The Ainslie Wood Photo Essay was added on 06/06/2010. Checkout the Steeltown Neighbourhoods Gallery HERE.

  • MOF is proud to announce that it joined Arts Hamilton on 06/04/2010. You can reach their site through the links page HERE.

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