Westfield Heritage Village

Westfield Heritage Village is a fascinating living history museum operated by the Hamilton Conservation Authority. Located in the rural community of Rockton, ON, this authentic village preserves the sights and sounds of daily living in 19th century Canada. Hamilton depends on trained, skilled and fully costumed volunteer "interpreters" to convincingly assume the roles of villagers.

I took this shot while at Westfield with my wife, her brother and his family. Going to the general store was one of the last stops we made there that day. This is not a facade, this is a fully functioning 19th to 20th century-style general store where you can buy whatever is for sale. I watched the store manager serve a little boy--another visitor. At that fleeting moment, there was a grand opportunity to capture how well the man looked and behaved the part amidst the classic look of the store with the slightly diffused natural daylight coming through the window to his immediate right. I wanted to show just how much quality detail can be expected on any given excursion to the village. So, I quickly composed the picture to capture these elements and took several shots to get the best facial expressions and physical gestures as the man interacted with his young customer. This was the best image out of the group and before submitting it to the competition, I cropped it to create a cinematic wide-angle feel. It was selected to be the overall winner in the Special Bonds category.

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Westfield Heritage Village

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