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Hamilton City Gallery and Photo Essay: What is Hamilton, besides my last name? It's the first large Canadian city I ever lived in, it's where I started my career as a professional artist, photographer and writer, it's where I met my wife and it's the home of Modes of Flight. This city gets a bad rap. Right across the country it's known as the "Stinkin' Steeltown" among other pejoratives. Local weekend party animals will forever say it's boring; that there's nothing to do here. Even though it is the second largest city in the province of Ontario, there are some in Toronto--a mere 64 kilometers (40 miles) away, who actually don't know where this place is. There are those who believe that Hamilton's only salvation is its CFL team, the Hamilton Tiger Cats but, nevertheless, there are those residents who are still proud to be "Hamiltonians." There are many web sites about the city. Alot of them are heritage and historical sites. I prefer to use my site to show what this town currently looks like. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Mundialization '08 Gallery: A look into the Hamilton Mundialization Committee's 2008 Internet Photo Contest.

Steeltown Neighbourhoods Gallery: As introduced in the Hamilton City Gallery and Photo Essay, this is a growing gallery featuring the street photography of lower Hamilton's official neighbourhoods. Each photo essay also links to a supplement that discusses the past, present and potential futures of each part of the city.

CG Photography Gallery: MOF in the Canadian Geographic Photo Club.

Mundialization 2010 Gallery: A look into the Hamilton Mundialization Committee's 2010 Internet Photo Contest.

Flickr Photostream: MOF on Flickr; the world's most popular image hosting website.

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